Calcrete / Limestone

This product is the closest you will get to a crushed limestone within the City of Karratha. The material is well graded with no plasticity making it excellent for use as structural fill and is well suited to use as a subbase or hardstand material.

Boat Beach Sand

This sand is a clean screened fine sand product that is best suited for use as a bedding material around pipes and under paving and structures.

Wickham MRWA Gravel

This well graded and non plastic natural gravel complies with MRWA Basecourse Specification and makes an excellent pavement material.

Select Fill & General Fill

Norwest can supply a range of fill materials from various sources. From Rio Tinto Select and structural material to general fill. Please advise of your specification and we will assist in matching a material that will ensure your project is built to the required quality.

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