The Norwest is a long established, family run company which has been operating for close to 30 years. The company management team has a combined industry experience of over 100 years and a strong involvement with the local community. Norwest has been involved on some of the largest projects conducted in the area along with supporting many locally owned and operated Pilbara based businesses providing safe practical solutions to the highest quality standards. Norwest is also committed to actively participating and contributing in the community; from sponsorships for local sporting teams and organised events to provision of voluntary services to community groups.

We’re proud to call this part of the world home and plan to be here for many years to come.

Community Support

NWC is committed to improving any community it’s a part of. After all, our employees are all members of it. Over the years NWC has endorsed a variety of sponsorships from the local AFL and Rugby teams, to motocross, golf, fishing competitions and even the shooting club. We’re also big believers in training future generations who have an interest in our industry and are currently involved in high school training programs locally with students interested pursuing careers in the field.

Environmental Commitment

Norwest Contracting (NWC) is committed to conducting our operations with thoughtfulness and consideration to both minimising our impact on the environment while allowing our operations to continue to be commercially viable. NWC believes there is always a balance between works being conducted in a safe, environmentally responsible way and productive way.


NWC operates under the philosophy that any and all land use is temporary, and we’re merely custodians using that land productively while we have it. We support returning utilised land to a sustainable state for the future and this means either returning the land to its pre-use condition, or allowing any improvements we’ve made to be inherited by future land holders.